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Curriculum Vitae

Bobby L. Taylor                                                                                  

P.O. Box 401

Crab Orchard,


Tel:                 615.477.9580                                                                        37723




Profile:                       Award winning songwriter with several top ten hits in the US and Canada. Performed as an actor/musician on some of the most prestigious stages in the world including The Ryman Auditorium, The Grand Ol’ Opry, and The Lamb’s Theatre in New York City.



Education:               M.P.S. Middle Tennessee State University, 2011

Masters of Professional Studies

Concentration: Training and Development (Distance Learning)

                                    Golden Key Society Recipient


B.S. Liberal Studies  

Middle Tennessee State University, 2009                      



Awards:                    Golden Key Society                                                2010

SOCAN Songwriters Award                                  2010

BMI Songwriting Award                                         1998              

NSAI Songwriting Award                                       1998

Playhouse Star                                                        1995

Most Talented Senior Boy                                      1978

Certificate of Award for Art                                     1974

Certificate of Award for Science                            1974

Certificate of Award for Science                            1973

Certificate of Award for Art                                     1972




Professional      Actor’s Equity - member since 1998

Affiliations:               Golden Key Society – member since 2010                                                                          Broadcast Music Incorporated – member since 1986  

 Nashville Songwriters Association International – since 2004



Professional Experience:     

Independent Songwriter: Self published through “Songnovel Songs Publishing.”


Song Title                                    Artist                             Label                       Released         


Love Lead the Way                                 Clayton Bellamy                   Clayton Bellamy               Unreleased

*Homegrown                                            The Road Hammers          Open Road Recordings Feb. 24, 2009

*I’ve Got the Scars to Prove It                The Road Hammers           Montage                           June 24, 2008

Nashville Guitar                                       Martin/Ramey                        Curb                                  Unreleased

There’s a Place in the Whiskey            Gretchen Wilson                   Sony                                  May 15, 2007


*“Homegrown,” and “I’ve Got the Scars to Prove It” were both hits on Canadian Country Radio in 2010.



Staff Songwriter: Famous Music Corporation 2003-2005


Song Title                                            Artist                     Label                       Released         


Compared to You                                     The Oak Ridge Boys      Spring Hill Records             Sept. 26, 2006

Redneck Love Gone Bad                        Shannon Lawson           Shannon Lawson                 2003

Redneck Love Gone Bad                         Diamond Rio                   Arista Nashville                    May 9, 2006

Redneck Love Gone Bad                        Cody McCarver                 PLC                                        October 31, 2006

Did I Forget to Pray                                   Billy Ray Cyrus                  Word                                      October 28, 2003

Jesus Never Had No Motorcycle            Marshall Tucker Band    Shout! Factory                      June 19, 2007

Ruby’s Got Her Red Dress On               Shannon Lawson           Shannon Lawson                 2003

Different Things                                         Tracy Byrd                         Blind Mule Records             October 31, 2006


Composed, recorded, and co-produced a 17 song concept album titled “Clouds Without Rain” while under contract with Famous Music – currently owned by Sony ATV.



Staff Songwriter: Island Bound Music 2000-2002


Back to New Orleans                                Brice Long                     Sony                                      April 11, 2006

*On the Day I Die                                        Mark Collie                    MCA                                       Unreleased

*Reckless Companions                           Mark Collie                    MCA                                       Unreleased

+Renegade Heart                                      Mark Collie                    Arts Alliance Amer              April 27, 2004

Short For Gone                                           Pete Schlegel               Cherry Bend                         Sept. 2, 2003

Coal County War                                        Wayd Battle                   Wayd Battle                          Jan. 1, 2009

What do You Want from me Now            Billy Yates                      Sony                                       Dec. 5, 2000

Chase the Sun                                            Shannon Lawson         MCA                                       June 4, 2002

Cowboy Ride                                               Jay Teter                        Cbuj Ent.                               August 30, 2005



*As featured in the Mark Collie documentary “Live at Brushy Mountain.”

+As featured in the Mark Collie/Coley McCabe film “Alabama Love Story.”


Staff Songwriter: Hori Pro Entertainment 1993 – 1999


*Hillbilly Shoes                                           Montgomery/Gentry     Sony BMG                             March 2, 1999

A Man’ Holdin’ On                                      Ty Herndon                    Epic/Nashville                      May 26, 1998
(To a Woman Lettin' Go)

Mollie Monroe                                             George McCorkle         George McCorkle                 Dec. 1, 1999

Mary’s Just a Plain Jane                           Rick Trevino                  Columbia Nashville            July 16, 1996

Daddy Made the Dollars                           Doug Supernaw              Giant                                     October 24, 1995
(Mama Made the Sense)

I’m Turnin’ Up the Sad Songs                 Tammy Graham           Career Records/ Arista       April 29, 1997


Patchwork Heart                                        Valerie Smith                  Rebel Records                     September 15, 1998

Here’s the Deal                                          Jeff Carson                      Curb                                       June 17, 1997

Betcha’ Can’t Do That Again                    Neal McCoy                      Atlantic                                   June 4, 1996


+ “A Man Holdin’ on to a Woman Lettin’ Go,” climbed to the number 2 Billboard Country Chart Position in 1998.                               

*”Hillbilly Shoes” appears on Montgomery Gentry’s “Tattoos and Scars” album; their Greatest Hits Album; and in the movie and soundtrack of the 2005 feature film “The Dukes of Hazzard. “Hillbilly Shoes” climbed to the number 13 position in the Billboard Country Charts in 1999 and launched the career of Montgomery Gentry.



Single Song Contract: J. Aaron Brown and Associates


Ageless Dancer                                          Tonya Goodman                          Word                      Jan. 1, 1986






A Sanders’ Family Christmas                           Cumberland County Playhouse (CCP)                          2010

                                                                                Crossville, TN


Smoke on the Mountain                                     Cumberland Co. Playhouse                                             2010




Character                              Play                                                        Location                                                 Year


Stanley Sanders  A Sanders’ Family Christmas           Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park                     2009

                                                                                                Cincinnati, OH


Smoke on the Mountain                     Cumberland County Playhouse                       1994-1995


A Sanders’ Family Christmas           Merrimack Repertory Theatre                            2005

 Lowell, Massachusetts



Burl Sanders        A Sanders’ Family Christmas           Cumberland County Playhouse                      2010

                                Smoke on the Mountain                     Cumberland County Playhouse                      1996-2010


                                Homecoming                                       Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre                             2007

Arrow Rock, MO


                                Homecoming                                       Totem Pole Playhouse                                       2007

                                Totem Pole Playhouse - 9555 Golf Course Road Caledonia State Park Fayetteville, PA 17222


                                A Sanders’ Family Christmas           Merrimack Repertory Theatre                           2001, 2002


A Sander’s Family Christmas           Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park                     2001



                                A Sanders’ Family Christmas           Riverside Theatre                                                 2000

Vero Beach, FL


                                Smoke on the Mountain                     The Ryman Auditorium                                        1999

 Nashville, TN




                                Smoke on the Mountain                     Riverside Theatre                                                  1999


Smoke on the Mountain                     The Lambs Theatre                                               1998
New York, NY



Character                             Play                                                                        Location                                Year



Duane Early                         Duck Hunter Shoots Angel                                CCP                                       2011, 2010


Russell Kingsley                  * Tinyard Hill                                                         CCP                                       2010


* Tinyard Hill won the 2010 Nashville Award for Best New Work



Pap/Sheriff/Doctor               Big River                                                                CCP                                       2005


Tom Manchester                  Spirit of the Mountains                                       CCP                                       1996, 2002


Marty Frankel                       The Song of Jacob Zulu                                     Circle Players                      1999

Nashville, TN


Dillard Nations                     Foxfire                                                                   CCP                                       1999


Boolie Werthan                    Driving Miss Daisy                                              CCP                                       1997


Milton Perry                          The Immigrant                                                     CCP                                       1997      


King Alonso                          The Tempest                                                        CCP                                      1996


The Music Man                    Charlie Cowel                                                      CCP                                       1996


Sir Gawain                            Camelot                                                                 CCP                                      1996


The Common Man              *Good Neighbors                                                CCP                                       1995


The Constable                     Fiddler on the Roof                                             CCP                                       1994


Jake Clatt                              Look Homeward Angel                                      CCP                                       1994


On Stage Guitar                   To Kill A Mockingbird                                          CCP                                       1994

 and Ensemble


Individual Soloist                 Coast to Coast                                                     CCP                                       1984


Floyd Allen                            Dark of the Moon                                                 CCP                                        1984


Carl Simpson                       A Homestead Album                                          CCP                                         1984


Pit Musician (Guitar)           A Midsummer Night’s Dream                           CCP                                          1983



Theatrical Writing:


Musical score as well as co-writer for book and lyrics for “Good Neighbors: A Tellin’ Told about Cordell Hull,” produced at Cumberland County Playhouse in 1995.






Existo                           Club Patron                   Hometown Productions             1999

            Banjo Lessons              Defense Attorney          Watkins Film Institute                 1998

            A Gift With Heart           Husband                       Watkins Film Institute                1998

Acting Training:


Acting                                       The Actor’s Bridge (Bill Feeheley)                       2005

            Fight Choreography                   John Briggs                                                        2002

            Acting                                       Arita Trahan                                                      1995

Fight Choreography                   Gus Gillette                                                        1994

            Casting Calls                             Regina Moore                                                    1994


Television Appearances:


            The Grand Ol’ Opry                   1999

            Opry Backstage                        1999

            Good Morning America              1998



Musician:      1978 – 1990 Performed as solo artist and musician throughout the Southeast. Performances include:


2003                 Tin Pan South

                        2005                 National Radio Promotional Tour with Brice Long

                        2004, 2007        Bluebird Cafe

                        2002 – 2007      Douglas Corner Cafe




Teaching Experience:     


Songwriting                   1993-2011         Mentoring non-songwriters since 1993.


Other Teaching experiences include:   


                        Songwriting                   2000                 Tennessee Writer’s Conference

                        Songwriting                   2000                 CCP Songwriter’s Workshop

                        Songwriting                   1999                 Tennessee Writers Conference

Basic Guitar                  1977-1979         Cumberland Music Center




Work:             Contribution                                      Benefitted Organization


                        Non-compensated                                 Goodwill/ Hendersonville


                        Concert Musician                                   Murfreesboro Food Bank

                        (Give Where You Live)

                        Chaplain                                               Unity Church, Murfreesboro

                        AV team leader                                     Unity Church, Murfreesboro

                        Concert Musician                                  CCP Benefit for “The Shanks Center”

                        Concert Musician                                  CCP Benefit for CCP

                        Concert Musician                                  CCP (established Mary Crabtree

Fund Scholarship)

                        Cook/Helper                                          Dismas House

                        Builder                                                  Habitat for Humanity

                        Actor (The Song of Jacob                       The Circle Players



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